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We are proud to offer international shipping! Shipping prices vary from country to country and person to person for international orders. Please contact us for a shipping quote here. All in-stock Items will be shipped out within 48-72 business hours of receiving cleared payment. For international orders we use DHL Express, UPS Express, or USPS Priority, whichever is cheaper to ship to a given country.

International Shipping Policies

iHidroUSA ships orders out daily via UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS. Shipping fees are calculated on a combined basis of weight, value (for insurance purposes), and destination. Some orders are shipped in multiple parcels. To avoid higher than normal shipping and duty charges, orders containing multiple items located in different warehouses will be consolidated in one location prior to shipping. "Drop-Ship" items have to be shipped to us from our supplier before being shipped out to you. Therefore, your order may be delayed by an extra business day. We will notify you via email if your order will be delayed. We do not add additional fees to your order if we ship in multiple parcels.

We do not ship to Iran, Sudan, Cuba, Syria, North Korea or Uganda.

Oversized items that don't fit Parcel Services standards will be shipped via an International freight forwarder via Door-to-Airport or Door-to-Door service, depending on your location. The carrier will call you to inform you of your delivery method.

Some items cannot be exported due to manufacturer or government restrictions. You will receive an on-screen notice if you attempt put an item in your shopping cart or check out an order containing items which we cannot send to you.

If an order is refused or returned to us due to any of the following reasons: inaccurate or incorrect address information, declined delivery, or undeliverable for any reason, iHidroUSA reserves the right to retain the original shipping/handling fee and to charge the payment method originally used for any costs we incur related to the return of the undeliverable merchandise to us.


International Payments

We accept the following payment methods:


Paypal (Confirmed Addresses only)

Money Orders (In U.S dollars only)

Western Union

For fraud prevention purposes, we will not ship item until funds have been received and fully cleared. This applies to all of the abovementioned payment methods.

For shipments to Russia, the maximum order value (including shipping charges) is 5000 Rubles per shipment.


Customs and VAT

All international customers are responsible for their own customs clearance, duties, taxes, brokerage, etc. We will not be responsible for any international customs clearance, duties, taxes, brokerage, etc.


Fraud Protection Policy

In order to deter credit card fraud and identity theft, we will ship to your billing address only (excluding Canada and Australia). The billing address is the address your bank has on file and where your bank mails your monthly statements. We will ship Canadian orders to any address within Canada, and Australian orders to any address within Australia.


International Pricing Disclaimer

iHidroUSA lists all prices in U.S Dollars (USD). Prices are subject to change at any time. Shipping fees are calculated on a combined basis of weight, value (for insurance purposes), and destination.



Please see our Terms and Conditions page here for more information.