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Hydroponic growing can open up the world of gardening to anyone, anywhere! Regardless of the space you have available in your yard or the climactic conditions in your area, you can successfully grow plants and crops of all kinds with a hydroponic system. Hyrdoponic growing, or growing plants without soil in a controlled environment, is becoming increasingly popular as more people are becoming interested in growing their own produce at home. iHidroUSA has all of the hydroponic equipment and gardeners supply products that you need to discover the benefits and rewards that come from hydroponics!

iHidroUSA is a hydroponic and garden supply store dedicated to bringing the finest products available on the market to growers everywhere. We are a team of experts in both soil-based growing and growing plants without soil, and we have used our years of knowledge and experience to put together one of the finest collections of gardeners supply products on the Internet. Only those products that meet our high standards for quality, safety and performance are added to our collection, so whether you're shopping for a grow tent, an in-line fan, a carbon filter or other types of garden supply products, you can be sure that you're getting the best solution for your needs when you shop with us.

At iHidroUSA, we know how challenging it can be determine exactly what gardeners supply products are needed to get your hydroponic grow tent or growing environment successfully up and running. That's why we're always available to answer your questions, provide suggestions and give you customized advice to help you complete your purchase. We are dedicated to providing first-rate customer service, and we ship orders quickly and discreetly.

No matter what types of hydroponic supplies you need to complete your growing environment, you'll find the best solutions at the best prices here at iHidroUSA. Start shopping our garden supply collection now to discover all of the essentials for your at-home garden.



Why is Hydroponics so Popular Today?

There are a number of reasons why more people are turning towards hydroponics as their first choice in gardening.


Low Maintenance:

Very little maintenance is required with hydroponics once you have everything set up. A little cleaning from time to time and adjusting for your plants is all that is needed. This is a major reason why many people are turning to hydroponics as their gardening system.

Year Round Growing:

By utilizing the assets of hydroponics, you can grow your fruits, vegetables, and flowers all year long while having them safely inside your home or greenhouse. Hydroponics allows you to feed your plants naturally so that they can grow on your timetable.

Small Space Requirements:

Hydroponic units take up relatively little space and are perfect for homes and smaller dwellings that do not have large yards for traditional gardens.  



Our Promise to You

At iHidroUSA, our goal is to provide the best customer service possible. We understand that our reputation for being the best iHidro authorized distributor is only as good as the last customer we serve. So let us help you find what you are looking for with our outstanding line of iHidro products.

Our friendly, courteous staff is here to answer your questions and respond to your queries. At iHidroUSA, we not only offer low, competitive prices for our iHidro products, we will provide the privacy, service and satisfaction you deserve complete with a shipping guarantee.

Let us show you why more people are joining the “Grow Green Life” movement and turning to iHidroUSA, “Your One Stop Grow Shop!” for their hydroponics needs.

Our Line of Products

We offer a number of products in the hydroponics field that will help you grow your favorite flowers, fruits and vegetables all year long.

You can find all the parts and equipment you need for your hydroponics garden. From combo kits to grow tents to in-line fans and carbon filters and complete kits for hydroponic uses. iHidroUSA provides all the hydroponic parts and equipment needed to create your own garden.




Thank you for visiting our website. I'd like to take the time to welcome you to iHidroUSA on behalf of our entire team. We are first and foremost a gardeners supply and hydroponic supply store, but we also growers with years of experience in hydroponics. Growing is our true passion, and iHidroUSA was founded to help others discover that passion, too.

To help you begin to explore the world of hydroponic growing, we have put together an array of educational and informational resources for you to browse. On our blog, we talk about a wide range of topics related to hydroponic growing, and this is a great place to find tips and hints for novice and experienced growers alike. In our FAQs section, we provide answers to some of the most common questions about hydroponics, and in our terminology guide, you can get quick definitions to terms that are frequently used in the field. We also have reference guides and how-tos available.

When we designed our website, our goal was to make it as easy as possible for you to find the gardeners supply products that you need to complete your hydroponic growing environment. You can quickly navigate our site, using the links at the top of the page. From there, you can find all of the products of that specific type that we carry, and you can click on one to learn more.

On our product pages, we have a number of advanced features to assist you as you shop. Below our product summary box and photographs, you'll see a menu with our full product description. Use the tabs in this area to learn even more about our products, watch videos and browse reviews. If you have a question about a product, you can use the "Ask a Question" link to contact us without leaving the page.

Since our founding, we have served thousands of customers, many of whom buy from us again and again. To help foster a spirit of community among hydroponic enthusiasts, we have established pages on social media. Like us on Facebook, join our circle on Google+ and follow us on Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube to interact with other growers, learn more about our products and get useful tips about all things hydroponics.

Once again, thank you for visiting iHidroUSA. If we can assist you in any way during your visit to our site, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to assist with all of your needs and answer any questions that you may have.


Deanne J. Sweet

Vice President of Marketing