More often then not, going to the grocery store is depressing due to the high costs for produce and the low quality. Many times vegetables look like they are on their last leg and flavor is nonexistent. It's no wonder we opt for processed foods and every unhealthy food just because it's cheaper!

Starting your own indoors hydro garden is not only inexpensive, but a nutritionally perfect solution. Many gardeners have turned from store produce, opting to grow their own. They have discovered the wonderful world of hydroponics for the very best, highly nutritional vegetables and herbs you will ever experience.

What Is Hydroponics:

This is a method to grow plants, from vegetables and herbs to flowers, using rich nutrient solutions in water vs traditional gardening with soil.

Here are some of the advantages of gardening with hydroponics vs soil:

  • No soil is needed
  • The water in the hydroponic system recirculates meaning the use of less water
  • Greater nutritional value
  • Pests and diseases are a great deal more controllable
  • Healthier plant growth
  • High yields
  • Enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs during the winter months

Starting Your First Hydro Garden:

As hydro gardens are grown indoors, you must first decide on the space available for your herb garden or vegetable garden. Grow boxes come in small to large sizes so there will be a perfect fit for you.

What vegetables and/or herbs are interested in growing? Common sense dictates that you choose produce that you are now purchasing and consuming.

You need to evaluate your sunlight and whether you can place your grow box in a sunny window or use artificial light from a plant light. The plants you choose will help you decide the light you will need for a healthy garden.

Grow Box:

A grow box is a structure with a base to grow various plants in small spaces. You grow plants with their roots in a nutrient solution or with a medium such as perlite, coconut husks, mineral wood and perlite (to name a few). The nutrients are absorbed by the plants' roots. Grow boxes are either partially enclosed with a base structure or completely enclosed with a frame and walls.

Talk With An Expert:

Once you know your space, your natural light offerings, what you want to grow, it's time to get with an expert in hydroponics. Visit your local gardening shop that offers hydroponic systems and accessories. They will be able to guide you to the best choice of grow box and grow lights that work with your chosen plants. They will familiarize you with water treatments and filters essential for healthy plant growth.

Grow Rooms:

Grow rooms are more sophisticated and also come in a variety of sizes. Your herbs and vegetables are grown in a controlled atmosphere. You are flexible regarding their light source from artificial grow lights, natural sunlight or a combination of both. The downside to grow rooms is the amount of heat that develops in this environment. As they become excessively hot, you must provide good ventilation (such as a fan) to prevent harming your plants.

Water Filters and Treatments:

Your water supply must always offer a proper pH balance in order to assure healthy plant growth. Your water filter should deliver pH balanced mineral water by cleaning the water and removing contaminants.

Purification should remove chlorine, chemicals, metals, sediments and other contaminants that would otherwise alter your happy plants.

Water treatments provides more oxygen in your water and reservoir. It will promote constructive Microbes in your root zone, prevent slime buildup and odors and allow for better absorption of nutrients.

In Conclusion:

Take your time and make a list of everything essential for starting your first hydroponics garden. Get professional advise and make sure you have all the equipment and supplies you need to start growing your favorite herbs and vegetables.

You will discover how easy it is to grow fresh, healthy foods to enjoy all year round.