The food industry and manufacturers of additives have once again shown the all mighty dollar outweighs the health concerns of the consumers. Stripping the veil away from the food industry reveals the food industry has absolutely no problem or concern about exposing people to trillions of toxics known as nanoparticles. Our foods are riddled with these poisons and making consumers sicker with each passing day. What are Nanoparticles and what affect do they have onpeople? Nanoparticles are microscopic objects that act as whole units in terms of properties and transport.

Because the food industry has been usingnanotechnology in countless applications from the foods we eat to paints we roll on our walls,there is no wonder the industry is against honest GMO labeling (genetically modified organism).

Studies have shown that Nanoparticles form a whitening agent known as titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is capable of inducing tumor-like alterations in the human cells of people exposed to it.

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) has proven to be cell damaging and studies have shown when it is exposed to normal cells these cells turn cancerous.

Gastric Epithelial Cells:

Translated:Stomach tissues that cover the surface or line a cavity that performs various secretory, transporting or regulatory functions.

Researchers tested humanstomach cellsthat comein direct contact with foods we eat. Food products incorporating nanoparticle (TiO2) are causing deep concerns within the medical community.

Is Titanium Dioxide Used in Other Applications?

Unfortunately, yes! (TiO2) has a broadrange of industrial applications including a white pigment for plastics, ceramic glazes and paints! It is also found in sunscreens as a sun protection because of its refraction abilities.

We are overly exposed to this nanoparticle in drugs, binding the contents of pills and tablets, toothpaste and adhesives similar to gum. Because (TiO2) is used in far too many consumer products, chances are you have already been exposed in large quantities.

Why Has The FDA Not Regulated This?

Because these industries promised the quantity levels as significantly low, the FDA has not seen a need to regulate and still allows titanium dioxide to reside in many of the products we use.

Nanoparticles are microscopic in sizewhich is why it works so well in products such as sunscreens because they won't leave a white coat that the human eye can see. Nevertheless they are still there whether you can see them or not. Our skin is extremely porous and these nanoparticles will seep into the skin and the blood stream.

It is extremely importantyou read the labels for sunscreens and only purchase those that clearly state "non-nanoparticle" or "0 titanium dioxide".

Size Truly Doesn't Matter:

For some unknown reason, the mainstream believes if something is microscopic in size, it's less dangerous than something larger or higher in quantity. In many cases, it has shown that extremely smaller sizes can actually transmit an even higher toxicity and become a lot more dangerous.

So Who's Protecting Us?

Industries are not stopping their bad practices because the FDA sits in the pockets of food and drug manufacturers. Unless Congress were to start regulating the FDA and their practices, chances are nothing is going to change anytime in the near future. This is shown over and over when the FDA allows these manufacturers and industries to govern themselves.

The continued practice of nanotechnology is completely unconscionable and somewhere around total madness! These industries (and the FDA) do not seem to have a firm grasp on the inevitable self-implosion of their products once consumers wake up and realize they are being treated like test animals. Most people have become abhorrent in the testing of animals for product safety, so how are they going to feel realizing they have taken their place?

What Can Be Done?

As long as there is a growing dishonesty in labeling and hiding any written knowledge of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), consumers need to turn away from these products. With enough pressure placed on manufacturers and loss of their obscene affluence, they will have to rethink their formulas.

Consumers are, eventually, going to follow the steps of their forefathers and start producing their own foods in gardens. Look around the country, more and more people are starting gardens, whether in their backyards or on their rooftops in city environments.

Growing their own foods, free of chemical pesticides and poisonous additives will help dwindle poor health and alternatively have a healthier lifestyle. More people start realizing the food industry is making them very ill and then throwing them back into the arms of the pharmaceutical industry. A strong message is starting to emerge, They Have Had Enough!

Wake up food industry and stop poisoning the people who are allow you the exorbitant wealth you have become accustomed to!