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    iHidro 1000W HPS MH HID Electronic Hydroponics Digital Dimming Ballast 1000 Watt

    iHidro 1000W HPS MH HID Electronic Hydroponics Digital Dimming Ballast 1000 Watt

    • Model # iH1000W (Size: iXLarge)
    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Advanced Electronic Ballast
    • 50% / 75% / 100% - Dimming Options
    • High Pressure Sodium (HPS) - Supported
    • Metal Halide (MH) Bulbs - Supported
    • Energy Efficient (Up to 30% Savings)

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    Price: $99.87

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In order for your plants or flowers to grow properly inside the hydroponics room, you will need to obtain the right set of hydroponics grow lights to the do the job. Grow lights are used for hydroponic gardens because they provide the light needed for the plants to grow, especially when they are isolated from natural sunlight.

What are Hydroponics Grow Lights?

Around the world, thousands of homes have hydroponic gardens that utilize all types of lights to help many different varieties of plants to grow properly. An entire industry has grown around hydroponics, providing people with hydroponics combo kits that include the types of grow lights needed for success.

Basically, grow light are an artificial light source that is specifically designed to help grow green life by generating an electromagnetic spectrum that is ideal for photosynthesis to occur.

What do Grow Lights Do & How do they Work?

Essentially, grow lights provide the right type of light energy to plants so that they can reach their full potential. Grow lights are typically two to three feet above the plants and can run 24/7 or just 18 hours a day.

How do LED lights Work & How are the Used?

LED lights are a recent advancement in light bulb technology. LED stands for “light emitting diode” and compared to more traditional bulbs has many advantages for hydro growth use.

  • LED lights consume far less electrical power
  • No ballasts are required
  • Produces less heat than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs
  • Are safe, reliable and long lasting under normal use

The reduced electrical bills from using LED lights are certainly noteworthy, but they also save money by not needing ballasts which are required for the more traditional light bulbs. LEDs also generate very little heat which is important as this increases the safety factor while allowing for reduced use of space. LEDs can be placed closer to the plants than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. Finally, LED bulbs are built to last for a very long time, meaning fewer replacements and saving even more money in the long run.

There are many recommendations for the different type of light emitted from LEDs. For example, twelve 660 nm red LEDs, six 612 nm orange and a single 470 blue is generally recommended for hydroponic gardens.

SMD LED lights are a variation of LEDs that are generally smaller than traditional LED bulbs, but offer advantages in terms of size, power usage and switching when different types of light is required.

What are Hydroponics deep-red and pink LED grow-lights?

Deep-red and pink LED grow-lights limit the spectrum of colors that the plants receive, but the restriction actually does not affect their growth. Pink LED lights provide the light needed while using only a fraction of the power compared with using the full spectrum of light, which means that a great deal of money can be saved over the long term.

Deep-red LED lights have proven to be the most effective in terms of plant growth and health, although they do use a bit more power than the pink, which combines red and smaller amounts of blue light. Choosing the right type of light for your plants can certainly make the difference when it comes to the electricity bill.

LED lights have proven to be the best type of lights for hydroponic gardens over the life of the plants, providing ample light at reduced electrical cost and heat.

What is Hydroponics electronic ballast?

For those who are considering building a hydroponics garden, there are a few items that you will need to get the most out of it. One item that is a requirement is s electronics ballast for your hydroponic package. The hydro electrical ballast helps your plants grow to their maximum potential while maintaining the proper amount of light.

What is the Hydroponics Electronic Ballast?

Essentially, this regulates the voltage of your lights in the hydroponics room, allowing your plants to grow at their optimal rate. Hydro electrical ballast units are part of thousands of hydroponic gardens around the world, providing artificial light that is tuned to the needs of the plants that are grown.

The result is plants that can flourish at their maximum capacity without the typical issues with outdoor plants where the sun does not always shine at its brightest. While multiple days of cloud cover can slow the overall progress of outdoor plants, those fortunate enough to be grown in a hydroponics garden suffer from no such light degradation.

What Does This Product Do & How Does it Work?

This is an electronic ballast is a device that is designed to limit the amount of current in an electrical circuit. You will most often find electronic ballasts in fluorescent lamps that limit the amount of current running through the tube.

Electronic ballasts vary in complexity and design. Some may be a simple series of load resistor or capacitors while others can be more complex such as H.I.D's and fluorescent lamps which are used in hydroponics. Hydroponics ballast is generally simple to set up with guidelines that allow you to choose the right setting for your plants and geared towards safety for the individual as well as the plants.

How Do We Use Hydroponics Electronic Ballast?

The electronic ballast is selected for the type of hydroponics garden that you have planted. For example, if the plants require hydro electrical ballast 400w units, then that is what you can set up for your garden. You will need references as to the type of plants that are grown and the wattage of light that is needed.

What is a Switchable Dimming Electronic Ballast?

Many hydroponic gardens use a single type of bulb. Two of the most common are they high pressure sodium (HPS) and the Metal Halide (MH). However, there are also gardens that have plants with different needs in terms of light and this requires at least two different types of bulbs.

For hydroponic gardens that use different sources of light, such as the HPS and MH bulbs, having switchable dimming electronic ballast can allow you to run both at the same time off of the same circuit. This means instead of having to rewire your set-up, you can simply install this unit and select the type of voltage needed to run HPS and MH bulbs.

What is the difference between 400w, 600w, 1000w Electronic Ballast?

The obvious difference lies in the wattage that is used. A hydro electrical ballast 600w unit will consume more power and put out more light energy than a 400w unit. Generally speaking, the hydro electrical ballast 1000w unit is the most energy consuming, but powerful unit for purchase.

You can find different types of hydroponic electrical ballasts at online and retail stores that specialize in hydroponic garden products. iHidro is one of the more popular manufacturers of electronic ballasts.