iHidro 6" Flange Hydroponic InLine Circular Duct Blower Fan iHIF - 150mm 264CFM

New Hidro® iHIF6 Hydroponics InLine Circular Duct Exhaust Fan 6” Flange For Grow Room Tent Box Cabinet Light System

  • iHidro® Model iHIF6 InLine Circular Duct Fan
  • Size: iMedium - 6” / 150mm Flange
  • Industrial Grade / Designed to Fit in small spaces
  • Metal Housing / High Quality Molded Impeller
  • Hydroponics Green Box / Indoor Grow Tent


  • Approximate Dimensions: 7.5”x10.5”x12.5”
  • Actual Weight: 3.9kgs/9lbs
  • Includes 4.5 feet Pre-Wired 120v Cord
  • Power(W): 105
  • Current(A): 0.88
  • Voltage(V): 120
  • Frequency(Hz): 60
  • Airflow(CFM): 264 or 485(CMH)
  • Rotation(RPM): 2620
  • Noise(dB): 65 (Quiet Operation)
  • Insulation Class: F

  • Low Noise / Low Power Consumption
  • Energy Saving (Up to 30% Savings)
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Passed FCC, UL, CC and CE Certificate
  • Check Images for More Details

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  • This item does not required any modification(s)
  • Set Up in Minutes / Tool-Free Assembly
  • With knowledge; average installation takes 30 minutes
  • If not familiar/experienced please get professional help
  • Professional Installation is advised


  • Includes 2 removable legs for easy mounting
  • Deep lips/collars for easy connection
  • No extra tools necessary to install
  • No additional wiring/parts necessary
  • Mounting Brackets and Hardware is included in the box


  • Protective thermal control, prevents from overheating


Comes with everything you see in the pictures


Note: if for any reason you decide over time that you want to remove/change this item, the process can be reversed.

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A method of growing without soil, hydroponics allows you to grow plants of all types without the hassle of digging a plot of ground and improving the soil to ensure that seeds receive the necessary nutrients for growth. With hydroponics, a nutrient solution or an inert growing material is used in place of soil, and plants grow in a carefully controlled environment like a grow box, cabinet or tent. A hydroponic garden can be started in any indoor setting, provided you have the right components to maintain the ideal growing environment in which plants can thrive. Our iHidro 6" Flange Hydroponics InLine Circular Duct Blower Fan iHIF can form an important part of any hydroponic growing system and will help you get the best possible crop yields from your hydroponic garden.

Respiration is an important part of plant biology. All plants, regardless of their species or type, require carbon dioxide to process the sugars stored inside of their cells to provide energy for growth and development. The reactions that take place inside of the plant release oxygen as a by-product of respiration. A hydroponics grow room, tent or cabinet must be fully enclosed to ensure that plants receive the adequate amount of light and humidity; however, this can pose a problem for respiration. Oxygen levels can quickly build up within the growing area, and plants may become deprived of carbon dioxide.

By simply adding an iHidro 6" Flange Hydroponics InLine Circular Duct Blower Fan iHIF to your growing environment, you can solve this problem with ease. The fan draws fresh air from the outside of the grow box, cabinet or tent into the growing space to provide plants with a continuous supply of carbon dioxide. At the same time, the fan helps to release oxygen-rich air from the growing environment to maintain ideal air quality.

The iHidro 6" Flange Hydroponics InLine Circular Duct Blower Fan iHIF is designed for whisper quiet operation without compromising power. The fan has a molded impeller and a ceramic coated metal housing and is no louder than an ordinary central air conditioning unit. Designed to consume 30 percent less power than ordinary exhaust fans, the unit is an eco-friendly choice that complements the sustainability of hydroponic growing.

When you purchase the iHidro 6" Flange Hydroponics InLine Circular Duct Blower Fan iHIF, you'll receive all of the necessary mounting hardware and brackets to install the exhaust fan into your growing environment. The fan is ideal for use with iHidro grow room tent box cabinets, but can also be employed in many other hydroponic systems.

Because of its durability and power, the fan is even suitable for other applications that require ventilation with an exhaust fan in homes and commercial settings. The fan features a 6-inch flange and measures 7-1/2 inches by 10-1/2 inches by 12-1/2 inches and comes with a 4-1/2-foot prewired cord and its deep lip makes it easy to connect. Two removable legs and standoffs are also included in the design to simplify installation.