iHidro 6" Flange Hydroponic InLine Carbon Air Filter & Circular Duct Blower Fan

New iHidro ® iHIF6 Hydroponics InLine Circular Duct Exhaust Fan 6” Flange & iHF6 6” Flange Carbon Air Filter with Odor Control Scrubber for Grow Room Tent Box Cabinet Light System - (All Parts Included)

  • iHido® Combo Deal (2 in 1)
  • Model iHIF6 InLine Circular Duct Fan (1 Unit)
  • Model iHF6 Greenhouse Carbon Filter (1 Unit)
  • Use with Hydroponics Green Box / Indoor Grow Tent
  • Industrial Grade / Designed to Fit in small spaces
  • 99.5% Odor Removing Capability / 18 Months Minimum Life
  • Maintenance Free Design / Effective Air Circulation
  • NEW Non-Toxic, Non-Recycled, Non-Refurbished Material
  • Set Up in Minutes / Includes all Brackets and Hardware
  • Low Noise / Low Power Consumption
  • Energy Saving (Up to 30% Savings) & Environmentally Friendly

InLine Fan (Size: 6” / 150mm Flange):

  • 6” / 150mm Flange / Quiet Operation
  • Metal Housing / High Quality Molded Impeller
  • Power(W): 105
  • Current(A): 0.88
  • Voltage(V): 120
  • Frequency(Hz): 60
  • Airflow(CFM): 264 or 485(CMH)
  • Rotation(RPM): 2620
  • Noise(dB): 65
  • Insulation Class: F
  • Actual Weight: 3.9kgs/91bs
  • Approximate Dimensions: 7.5”x10.5”x12.5”
  • Includes 4.5 feet Pre-Wired 120v Cord
  • Check Images for More Details

Carbon Filter (Size: 6” / 150mm Flange):

  • Virgin Activated Coal Based Carbon
  • 1 Carbon Filter & 1 Cotton Filter Pad (Pre-Filter Included)
  • Zinc-Anodized steel Housing 06t / Mesh 0.6t
  • Pre-Filter set is Included with 2 Black or White Elastic Bands
  • Optional CFM Range: 400CFM-425CFM
  • Maximum Temperature: 180 Degrees Celsius
  • Charcoal Size: Cylinder 3.6-4.0mm x 6-12mm
  • Charcoal Weight: >= 2.8Kgs (6.2Lbs)
  • Size in Inches: 6” Flange / Diameter 9.5” / Length 17.75” (Filter Length 16”)
  • Size in Centimeters: 15.24cm Flange / Diameter 24.13cm / Length 45.09cm (Filter Length 40.64cm)
  • Suitable for both Soil Based and Hydroponics Cultivation
  • Check Images for More Details

iHidroUSA ® is Authorized Dealer For iHidro ®

  • This item does not required any modification(s)
  • Professional Installation is advised
  • With knowledge; average installation takes 30 minutes
  • If not familiar/experienced please get professional help


  • No extra tools necessary to install
  • No additional wiring/parts necessary
  • Includes 2 removable legs for easy mounting
  • Deep lips/collars for easy connection


  • Mounting Brackets & Hardware is included in the box
  • 1 In-Line Fan, 1 Carbon Filter &1 Cotton Filter Pad
  • Includes: Pre-Filter set, & 2 Black\White Elastic Bands


  • Protective thermal control, prevents from overheating
  • Comes with everything you see in the pictures


Note: if for any reason you decide over time that you want to remove/change this item, the process can be reversed.

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Just beginning to explore the possibilities of hydroponic growing? You'll soon discover that this method of growing plants will allow you to plant seeds and seedlings without needing soil. Everything from the light energy to the nutrients to the water that the plants require is provided by the growing environment, so you don't have to worry about fertilizing, weeding, protecting your plants from frost or the threat of most pests. Hydroponics is proven to produce much higher crop yields than traditional soil growing, but only if you have an effective system of components to promote optimal conditions within your growing environment.

Our iHidro  iHIF6 Hydroponics InLine Circular Duct Exhaust Fan 6” Flange & iHF6 6” Flange Carbon Air Filter 2 in 1 Combo Deal helps you get two key components for your new grow room, tent, box or cabinet for an affordable price. The two pieces work together to help keep the quality of the air in the growing environment at its best, so your plants can reap the benefits. Because both pieces are essential to the success of hydroponic growing, the combination set will help you get the best results without having to spend a lot of time researching individual components.

One of the two pieces in the set, the iHidro iHIF6 Hydroponics InLine Circular Duct Exhaust Fan with 6” Flange is a state-of-the-art circular fan crafted from durable aluminum and steel. The housing is coated with ceramics and the molded impeller is engineered to cut down on noise as much as possible. While it only creates 65 decibels of sound, the exhaust fan is incredibly powerful and effective at removing oxygen-rich air from the grow environment, so that it can be replaced with fresh carbon dioxide-rich air to power plant respiration. Protected by a one-year warranty, the exhaust fan consumes 30 percent less power than similar models made by other brands, making it the ideal choice for eco-minded growers.

Working with the iHidro  iHIF6 Hydroponics InLine Circular Duct Exhaust Fan 6” Flange is the iHidro iHF6 6” Flange Carbon Air Filter, which is vital to keeping the air inside and outside of your growing environment clean and smelling fresh. With its activated carbon coal filter material, the component captures up to 99.5 percent of all microbes that cause foul odors. The perfect way to limit mold and bacteria growth, the filter lasts for 18 months and never requires maintenance. The zinc anodized steel housing is incredibly durable to keep the filter safe from corrosion.

If you're ready to begin experiencing all of the benefits of hydroponic growing or are looking to improve your current hydroponics environment, the iHidro iHIF6 Hydroponics InLine Circular Duct Exhaust Fan 6” Flange & iHF6 6” Flange Carbon Air Filter 2 in 1 Combo is truly the most cost effective and efficient option. Order this money-saving set today.