iHidro 8" Flange Hydroponic Virgin Coal Carbon Air Filter iHF - 200mm 850CFM

New iHidro ® iHF8 Hydroponics Carbon Air Filter - 8” Flange with Odor Control Scrubber – Virgin Charcoal (All Parts Included)

  • NEW iHido® Model iHF8 Greenhouse Carbon Filter
  • Industrial Grade / Designed to Fit in small spaces
  • Use with Hydroponics Green Box / Indoor Grow Tent
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Recycled, Non-Refurbished Material
  • 1 Carbon Filter & 1 Cotton Pre-Filter Pad
  • Includes: 2 Black or White Elastic Bands
  • 18 Months Minimum Life
  • 99.5% Odor Removing Capability


  • Virgin Activated Coal Based Carbon
  • Maintenance Free Design / Effective Air Circulation


Specification & Sizes:

  • In Inches: 8” Flange / Diameter 11” / Length 20.5” (Filter Length 18”)
  • In Centimeters: 20.32cm Flange / Diameter 27.94cm / Length 52.07cm (Filter Length 45.72cm)


  • Charcoal Size: Cylinder 3.6-4.0mm x 6-12mm
  • Charcoal Weight: >= 7Kgs (15.5Lbs)
  • Optional CFM Range: 800CFM-850CFM
  • Maximum Temperature: 180 Degrees Celsius
  • Zinc-Anodized steel Housing 06t / Mesh 0.6t


  • Suitable for both Soil Based and Hydroponics Cultivation
  • Passed FCC, UL, CC and CE Certificate
  • Check Images for More Details


iHidroUSA ® is Authorized Dealer For iHidro ®

  • This item does not required any modification(s)
  • Professional Installation is advised
  • With knowledge; average installation takes 30 minutes
  • If not familiar/experienced please get professional help


  • No extra tools necessary to install
  • No additional wiring/parts necessary


  • 1 Carbon Filter & 1 Cotton Filter Pad
  • Pre-Filter Includes 2 Black/White Elastic Bands
  • Deep lips/collars for easy connection


Comes with everything you see in the pictures

Note: if for any reason you decide over time that you want to remove/change this item, the process can be reversed.

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What stands between you and growing the garden of your dreams? Whether you are deterred by poor soil conditions, an unfavorable climate, inadequate sunlight or limited space, hydroponics provides the ideal solution. You can establish a hydroponic garden virtually anywhere without having to use soil, pesticides or fertilizers to have a garden full of thriving plants that produce high crop yields.

Hydroponic growing is a sustainable, eco-friendly method of gardening, but with it does come concerns about air quality. Plants themselves can create odors, and impurities can collect inside of the confined environment of the growing box, tent, cabinet or room. Because of the moist conditions, molds can also begin to colonize inside of the growing environment, which can diminish air quality and even lead to dangerous conditions. Fortunately, the problems of poor air are easily solved with the iHidro 8" Flange Hydroponics Virgin Coal Carbon Air Filter iHF, a high quality hydroponics air filter that is engineered for effectiveness and durability.

The iHidro 8" Flange Hydroponics Virgin Coal Carbon Air Filter iHF employs the finest filter media, pure virgin coal, to absorb fine particulates that are released into the air. The carbon present in the coal attracts impurities, including many types of mold, and locks them away within its activated porous surface. This method of filtration is superior to mesh filtering, which often allows biomatter to remain present in the air. Because our filter model relies on virgin coal, it can reduce foul odors, molds and other fine particulates by up to 99.5 percent. This protects you and your family and your crops from poor air conditions.

Designed to effectively filter out harmful and unpleasant fine particulates for up to 18 months, the iHidro 8" Flange Hydroponics Virgin Coal Carbon Air Filter iHF includes the activated carbon filter media and a cotton pad. You also receive a pre-filter outfitted with two white or black elastic bands for assembly. The unit is contained in a zinc-anodized steel housing, which will resist corrosion even in wet and humid conditions. The combination of effective filtration and durable engineering makes the filter the ultimate choice for use in iHidro growing environments and those produced by other manufacturers.

Made to fit into small spaces, the iHidro 8" Flange Hydroponics Virgin Coal Carbon Air Filter iHF is perfect for medium to large sized growing environments. The filter measures 11 inches in diameter and is 20-1/2 inches long from end to end. The interior filter is 18 inches long. Verified to meet or exceed standards established in FCC, UL, CC and CE Certificate is crafted only from new materials and is 100 percent nontoxic to ensure the sustainability and safety of your hydroponic garden. Easy to install, the iHidro 8" Flange Hydroponics Virgin Coal Carbon Air Filter iHF is perfect for use in nearly any environment, as it is effective at temperatures of up to 180 degrees Celsius. Order one to complete your hydroponic grow room, cabinet, tent or box today.