iHidro 1000W HPS MH HID Electronic Hydroponics Digital Dimming Ballast 1000 Watt

New iHidro® HPS MH 1000W Watt Hydroponics Switchable Dimming Electronic Ballast For Grow Room Tent Box Cabinet Light System

  • iHidro® Model iH1000W Electronic Ballast
  • Size: iXLarge - Low Noise
  • Use with Hydroponics Green Box / Indoor Grow Tent
  • Built in Cooling Fan and Heat Output Holes
  • Wide Range Current & Voltage
  • Fires up the Bulb & Stabilizes the Operating Current
  • 50% / 75% / 100% Dimming Options


Specifications & Sizes:

  • Actual Weight: 4.8kgs/10lbs
  • Power Cord Length: 10.5 Feet


Actual Precise Measurements:

  • In Inches: 16.00in (L) x 4.75in (W) x 3.11in (H)
  • In Millimetres: 400mm (L) x 111mm (W) x 79mm (H)


  • Energy Saving (Up to 30% Savings)
  • Passed FCC, UL, CC and CE Certificate
  • Check Images for More Details

iHidroUSA ® is Authorized Dealer For iHidro®


  • This item does not required any modification(s)
  • If not familiar/experienced please get professional help
  • With knowledge; average installation takes 30 minutes
  • Professional Installation is advised
  • Set Up in Minutes / Tool-Free Assembly


  • No extra tools necessary to install
  • No additional wiring/parts necessary


  • Comes with everything needed for Ballast to work
  • Protective thermal control, prevents from overheating

Note: if for any reason you decide over time that you want to remove/change this item, the process can be reversed.

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Hydroponics is a scientific way of growing plants in a controlled environment without soil. Through a system of tubes, plants receive water, and they take root in either nutrient solutions or inert growing media. Ventilation is provided by exhaust fans, and the air is kept clean with the help of filters. While once hydroponic gardening was done only in laboratory environments, the latest advances in hydroponics technology now allow anyone to start their own growing environment and benefit from hydroponic growing at home. To truly get the best results from your own hydroponic garden, you simply must make the iHidro 1000W HPS MH HID Electronic Hydroponics Digital Dimming Ballast 1000 Watt a part of your growing environment design.

Light is one of the most crucial parts of any hydroponic growing environment. With artificial lighting, plants receive the energy needed to drive photosynthesis, so that they can produce sugars to later be burned to produce energy. There are many options for lighting a growing room, box, tent or cabinet, but not all are equally efficient. Many people make the mistake of purchasing lighting sets that can be used with only one type of bulb, which leads to poor growing results. This is because plants need different types of light at different stages in their life cycles, and no one bulb type can provide all of the necessary types of lighting. When people discover this, they are often forced to buy multiple lighting systems and then exchange them on a regular basis to meet the needs of their plants.

The iHidro 1000W HPS MH HID Electronic Hydroponics Digital Dimming Ballast 1000 Watt is the only ballast that you'll ever need inside of your growing tent, box, cabinet or room. Like all lighting ballasts, the device allows the bulbs to turn on and helps to regulate the amount of current that flows through the lighting system. Because of its optimized design, the iHidro ballast helps to decrease the chances of premature bulb burnout, and it also allows you to simply change the light bulbs when you need to modify lighting conditions. The ballast can be used with metal halide bulbs to spur growth or with high pressure sodium bulbs to assist with flowering, budding and fruiting.

To set up your lighting system, you'll only need to hang the iHidro 1000W HPS MH HID Electronic Hydroponics Digital Dimming Ballast 1000 Watt, attach your choice of reflective hood and join the ballast with your power supply. Then, you can just screw in the bulbs of your choice and begin using the system. The ballast has three different illumination options to suit your needs and is designed to use 30 percent less power than other ballasts designed for hydroponics systems. With a cooling fan and heat output holes to prevent overheating, the ballast is the smart, efficient way to help light your growing environment. The system has been tested and found to meet or exceed FCC, UL, CC and CE Certificate, and it carries a 1-year warranty.